Revue de presse : 10 février 2014

Revue de presse : 10 février 2014

Switzerland backs immigration quotas by slim margin

Source : The guardian

Par : Ian Traynor

Eurosceptic anti-immigrant movements across Europe received a boost on Sunday when Switzerland voted by the slimmest of margins to impose quotas on newcomers to the country, thrusting its relations with the EU into uncertainty.

In a referendum mobilised by far-right populists demanding caps on immigration in a country where almost one in four of the population are immigrants, 50.4% of voters supported the measure, in a relatively high turnout of 56%.

The vote split Switzerland east to west, with the francophone west voting against the quotas and the German-speaking east backing the clampdown.

The European commission said it regretted the outcome of the Swiss vote and would need to review the impact on overall relations between Switzerland and the EU.

"This goes against the principle of free movement of people between the EU and Switzerland," the commission said.

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